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Supplemental Textbooks

The textbooks listed below are excellent supplemental resources that complement the BIF / Bryant University Online CFP Education Program. While not required, they are recommended by the BIF CFP instructor team for students who wish to take some of their reading offline. Have textbook questions? Please send to

CFP Handbook: A general overview of the Principal Topics
CFP Board Financial Planning Competency Handbook, 2nd Edition (US Edition)

National Underwriter Books
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A practical reference text for key concepts and techniques:
2023 Field Guide

Course 1 - Introduction to Financial Planning:
The Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning, 13th Edition

Course 2 - Insurance Planning and Risk Management:
The Tools & Techniques of Insurance Planning and Risk Management, 4th Edition
2023 Tax Facts on Insurance & Employee Benefits (Volumes 1 & 2)

Course 3 - Investment Planning:
The Tools & Techniques of Investment Planning, 4th Edition
2023 Tax Facts on Investments

Course 4 - Tax Planning
The Tools & Techniques of Income Tax Planning, 7th Edition
2023 Tax Facts Individuals & Small Business

Course 5 - Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
The Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning, 17th edition

Course 6 - Estate Planning
The Tools & Techniques of Estate Planning, 20th Edition

Course 7 - The Financial Planning Capstone
The Fundamentals of Writing a Financial Plan, 2nd Edition
The Case Approach to Financial Planning: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, 5th Edition